Gardening: A New Lease on Life

Gardening gives you a new lease of life

What is gardening? Is it just the activity or hobby of growing trees and plants in the very little urban space available at your homes? Is it just the activity that helps kill your time? Or on the flip side, is it a passion to die for? Is gardening one of the best things we do as a hobby? Not any of these. Of course, gardening may be a passion for some and it might not even matter at all for some. This depends upon the time that is available for each.

Or it can also be the time that is allotted for this activity by each of us. Gardening is a soothing thing for the heart and a form of exercise to the hobby. Let us say that a gardener is a peace lover and he gets peace not only with the habit of gardening but also by the habit of spending valuable time reading a book or enjoying nature in his garden. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life, a garden is the place to be.

Gardeners are more peaceful and happy than us normal people as they are happy from within though this does not mean that gardeners are a step above ordinary human beings. In fact, they are also ordinary human beings. A gardener also has to fight a lot of troubles and travails. He fights miscreants in the name of pests and takes constant care of his garden from getting damaged by these pests. He also fights to save his garden against the climate.

Excessively incessant rains and hailstorms damage his garden and hence he even worries about his plants and cares more for them. Hailstorms make his plants fragile and even more of care is needed in the days to come. Then, gardening benefits not only the gardeners but also the people living around the garden. We are living in a period of time when all those plants and trees were felled for us to live in this one world.

We are well aware that we are the ones who chopped trees and killed all of them for us to live. Now, it is time for us to pay back in the quantities that we can contribute towards their growth. This is indeed very important for us to be done to save the world and then make humanity last longer. Gardening is a way of attaining ecological balance, if the act of gardening is taken in this heightened sense and purpose of human life.