Choosing Healthy Plants for Gardening

You can start your garden in two ways of which one is to plant seeds and the other is to buy entire plants. There are advantages in both. If you can plant seeds and nurture the growth of plants each and every day, it will be much more rewarding than having full grown plants. This is riskier than buying already healthy plants. Many of us might have planted seeds but had nothing growing out of it most of the times.

Buying plants from the nursery and installing them in your garden reduces the amount of work you have in growing it to be healthy. It is common experience that nursery workers who are incompetent will ruin plants and their future by adding chemicals and fertilizers. You can adapt to this incompetence by way of getting to know how to choose the healthiest plant of the lot. Let us see some of the ways through which you can choose the right healthy plants.

Though the following sounds a little superficial, you can see how nice the plants look before buying. When it comes to plants, the analogy is much similar to saying that a book can be judged by its cover. If you look at a nice plant with healthy outlook then it means that that plant has been treated healthily with no diseases and pests. If the same plant has been raised in improper soil with harmful bugs dwelling upon it, you can find holes on leaves with the stems wilted to a great extent.

While looking for plants on the nursery shelves, leave out ones that have more of flowers on it. The trauma that the plant suffers when transplanted is significantly lower, if the plant is sans flowers. It is the best option to go for plants that have buds and not flowers. But, if there are flowers in all the plants, it is best to go for the undesirable cutting of the flowers before transplanting. The plant’s future is secured by doing so.

If you transplant a plant when it is in the blooming stage, it will lead even to the death of the plant almost 90% of the time. Find out how good the roots are before purchasing any plant. If the roots aren’t good, the plant will have a bad appearance. If it is only a little out of shape, then you can tell by its looks. Check for brownness, rottenness or softness on the roots with enough firmness to the ground. More of soil with lesser roots and lesser soil on more or roots is not the best of plants to choose for your gardening.